Get the most of your My ID HUB account by downloading an application available on this page.
Windows and Windows Phone App
Take your My ID HUB with you wherever you go and manage identities in the most convenient way for your device form factor.
You can view existing and create new identities, browse account settings and activity history. Apps support two-factor authentication and come with offline cache for devices with intermittent connectivity.
Google Chrome Extension (Preview)
Enrich your browsing experience with automatic login provided by My ID HUB extension for Google Chrome browser.
It enables simplified login into My ID HUB website. All you need to do is click on a popup menu and jump right into your identity dashboard. Another cool feature of this extension is easy and simple login and password form auto-complete for most popular web sites. You can browse internet as usual and when extension detects that you have an identity for a website you visit it shows login and password icons in fields that can be filled in for you automatically.
This is a preview release with limited functionality and all missing or desired features will be added quickly.
My ID HUB service is continuously evolving and new goodies appear on this page.