Privacy Policy
  1. Summary

    This Privacy Policy identifies and describes the way My ID HUB uses and protects the information we collect about Users. All use of My ID HUB service, as well as visits to our websites, are subject to this Privacy Policy.

  2. What do we collect?

    We strive to collect as little information as possible, however we need know a few things about you to distinguish you from other people on the internet. This way we ensure your data is available to you and you only. Some examples include:

    1. Name, nickname or alias that you use to identify yourself within My ID HUB system
    2. Hash code of your password that is used to confirm your digital identity
    3. IP address of the computer you use to access My ID HUB services

  3. How we collect it?

    We collect information in a few primary ways:

    1. You provide it when create an account
    2. We collect it automatically when you visit the web site or invoke any service

  4. How do we use it?

    We highly value your trust therefore strictly limit our use of your information

    1. Your information doesn't leave our database. We do not sell, rent, lease your information to any 3rd party for or without profit. Period.
    2. We use information that is available to us solely to improve security and reliability of the My ID HUB service.

  5. What do we not collect?

    It is important to point out types of information we deliberately not collect to improve security.
    All of your identities that you create inside our system after you login are stored in our database in encrypted form without encryption key. Only your browser can decrypt the data. If our database is compromised, no information will be leaked. Intruders will not be able to use or misuse your information.

Revision Date:   10/25/2014